Hooray For Horror!


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By Lorena Ocampo, Staff Writer

You’re lying tranquil on the couch late at night alone as you hear the bits of glass scatter all over the floor, as the window is smashed. You find yourself leaping towards a cushion terrified as a tall, dark, buff man commences to crawl into your house from the outside.

He’s standing right in front of you holding a bat, while scraps of glass drop from his shoulder down to the floor. He drops the bat and dashes towards you; simultaneously, you get a rush of blood flow and realize the conundrum you’re stuck in–death.

You quickly hop over the sofa, as you head towards the stairs–running for your life. You end up in your bedroom and slam the door locking it with such aggression, as you grab the first item you glance to attack with: a lamp.

You sit beside the door preparing to strike. You begin to hyperventilate, as you listen to cunning footsteps approach upon the stairs. Your heart erupts with a fast pulse, your palms sweat causing your hands to slip by the grip of the lamp. The doorknob suddenly rattles.

See how much suspense was built? This scary summary is the basic understanding of horror.

What Is Horror?

What is horror, you may ask yourself. Well, horror has many aspects, so it’s difficult to break it down into a summary. Horror is being aware of the unknown. You know why you get that shivering chill down your spine when you’re wandering alone in the dark or being alone in your house? Sometimes, it’s because you might not actually be alone. Someone could be lurking over your shoulder and you wouldn’t realize it. That’s the dreaded feeling of horror.

My Favorite Horror Movies

There are a variety of horror movies that I love and will never get tired of watching like Saw. Saw is a unique and twisted film because of its plot; it’s about two men stuck in a bathroom trying to get out.  I relish how graphic and gory the scenes are. The Saw franchise is amazing with multiple movies having different surprises and cliff hangers.

Another favorite movie of mine is Scream. It’s a classic slasher movie from the 90s. It has some jump scares–which I love–but what I mostly enjoy is the plot twist at the end: the boyfriend of the girl turns out to be the killer.

Final Destination is also a petrifying movie that is my favorite. The movie deals with death following the characters and they are trying to cheat it. I mostly love the spine-chilling feeling it gives me, due to all of the possibilities there are of death surrounding you at any moment.

How Horror Has Changed Since I Was A Little Girl

I began to watch horror movies around age 9. I normally watched older films like Child’s Play and Children of The Cob. Growing up with watching these scary movies made me realize how dark the world can be.

As the 20th century continued, newer and better movies started to release like The Conjuring and Annabelle. I honestly love both old and new movies because they’re so different. Older movies tend to give you the chills and give you more of a storyline, while newer movies are more frightening in a real way. By that I mean that recent movies include scarier content because we can relate to it in real life. We might have a doll lying around and you never know if it could be possessed or not. Simple plots like that is eerie and can have you checking every inch of the house to make sure you’re not alone…

Different Types of Horror

Horror includes different types of subcategories. According to the article titled “Human Centipede III – the most abhorrent film ever”, posted on the BBC News website, gore is a very popular subject, which shows violent scenes with bloody, gruesome acts. Some movies take it too far or are too disturbing for certain audiences like the “The Human Centipede.” This movie was very graphic, which resulted in the movie becoming banned in England.

There’s also parody horror, which is the remake of thriller movies into a comedy. These movies typically are for comedy purposes and involve some explicit content. One popular sequel is the “Scary Movie” franchise.

Demonic horror is a more intense category including demons, possession, paranormal activity etc. It tends to be too horrific for some people to view, due to how real it feels. It includes some true events that have occurred–which is more terrifying because it has a chance of happening. “The Exorcist” has been one of the most horrifying films, due to its supernatural content. Even behind the scenes, people believe that the movie was cursed and possessed itself.

Slasher horror is widely famous too mainly based on serial killers and flabbergasting plot twists. These movies focus on building suspense to get you at the edge of your seat waiting for that jump scare. “Friday the 13thand “Halloween” are two of the most successful movies that grew a bloodcurdling franchise.

Despite these gruesome depictions making it too brutal for people to watch, it sometimes doesn’t hurt to get a good scare from now and then.

Best Horror Movies To Binge Watch

  • Saw

  • Child’s Play

  • The Purge

  • The Conjuring

  • The Ring

  • Friday The 13th

  • Halloween

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Annabelle

  • A Nightmare On Elm Street