How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

By Andre Brown , Staff Writer


  Well, well, wellif it isn’t COVID-19 coming over to try and infect me! The virus has been around for a full year ,and it has changed our nation a lot. But as long as we are smart and educated about it, we can protect ourselves from it and perhaps lower the rate of its spread                                

   Some people swear that handwashing with soap and water is a great way to stay safe. Connie Mckinney, a security guard at Henry Reeves Elementary, says that it is way better than using hand sanitizer and has always been the best way to clean her hands.   

   Others, however, prefer hand sanitizer. “It is more efficient to me because during the pandemic, I started to use hand sanitizer a lot more to see if it was really helpfuland it ended up being a very beneficial experience for me, says a Family Resource Center worker named Valencia Mckinney. 

   A lot of people wear a mask when needed to stay COVID free. Vincent Mckinney, a Water and Sewer Department worker in his late 50’s, says that he always wears his mask because he is scared he may catch it any day and he is close to the age where COVID is bound to affect him. Andre Brown Sr, an Engineering/Fiber Optic Construction manager states that he wears his mask everywhere he goes including to the trash can, to get the mail, etcto stay COVID free.  

   Some families use home remedies to stay safe from COVID-19. What I do is, put some hand sanitizer on my hands then, I rub my hands together and take a sniff of the hand sanitizer so that my immune system stays clean and healthy,” says 45 year old Artis Brown, a professional truck driverJancent Wallace claims that he and his dad take ginger shots to help their immune system.  

   Some people use the 6 feet social distance rule. Lisa Harrison, teacher at North County K-8 Center, says, “I use the 6 feet rule to not only protect myself but to also acknowledge others to social distance as well.” Jamal Butler, a 7th grader at HIVE Prep, says, “usually stay six feet apart only when I am around other people that I don’t know but, family I don’t use the rule because I trust that they are honest to tell me if they are positive or not.” 

   Many people believe that the COVID vaccine could lead us back to our normal life styles.  However, others say that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous. “I think the vaccine is not safe to use, I have heard rumors that the vaccine can cause life-threatening side effects,” says Jancent Wallace, a 9th grade student at Belen Jesuit.   

   Eduardo Clements, a young teacher at Downtown Miami Charter, says that he is scared because he will be the first out of the family to take the vaccine if he decides to and he does not know what to expect. 


Important Safety Tips for The Prevention of Virus:  

  1. Wash and sanitize your hands daily  
  1. Practice social distancing  
  1. WEAR A MASK! 
  1. Take a vitamin or two daily to decrease the chances of catching the virus