Are You Ready For Life After High School?


By Keedy Tique, Staff Writer

    Some students at Miami High are indecisive about what to do after graduating. The pandemic has had a big impact on them because of all the drastic changes, from sitting in class and socializing to sitting behind a screen, alone. Students find themselves unmotivated and often decide what to do last minute.  

    As college opportunities start coming up, junior Kristine Upegui starts feeling overwhelmed. “I do feel indecisive about what to do because sometimes I’m drawn to a career, but then I find another one more interesting. I don’t know if college is the right option for me, she says.  

Gap Year 

    An alternative to going to college right away after high school is taking a gap year. Many students like the idea of this because they get to experience new things and live a little more.  

    Junior Joshua Espinoza says, “I’m not really interested in any particular colleges, and it doesn’t worry me. Im considering taking a gap year to visit new places, mainly Italy.”  

    There are other students that are taking it into considerationJose Rodriguez, a senior, says, “I would take a gap year but due to the current covid situation, no. There’s a lot of places I want to visit, mainly Japan. I like the culture, and I feel like it’s really different from the United States, and I would love a brand-new experience.” 

    Senior Royce Canaca, says, “I will be taking a gap year to work full time. After a year, I’ll decide if I want to go to college or not.” 


      Others are sure of what they want to do. They want to go to college right away 

Omar Tellez, a junior, stated, “During the beginning of the year, I did have a lack of motivation, but as time went on and after I met with CAP Advison Ms. Puentes, she helped me realize a lot of things. I actually grew excited for the coming school year. After high school, I want to hopefully go to NYU and study film, since it’s something that has interested me. As of now, I’m looking for college opportunities and applying for scholarships so that I can have money for school.” 

      Juan Trina, a junior, said, “I have been saving up money for my tuition and for my own apartment so I can move out after I’m done with school.” 

      Jose Rodriguez, who also thought about a gap year in Japan, added, “My parents want me to go to college and I do too. I’m going to college because I want to an accountant. I also want a good salary and not work for minimum wage.” 

Seeking Guidance 

    Ms. Puentes , the CAP advisor who helps students find the right path for them, said, “I think a good way to start is by doing research on what pathways other than the traditional college route exists such as vocational programs, military enlisment or academies or taking a GAP year to pursue working with organizations such as the Peace Corps.  A great site for research is College Board’s Big Future which offers great resources.  Another great resource is taking a Career Inventory Assessment which asks about skills and interests a student may have and it can provide them with invaluable information on different careers.  This year we are fortunate that we have the SCOIR platform that has an imbedded Career Inventory test. Students will be signed up for this through their English classes. 

Jobs that only require a High School Diploma

  • Flight attendant- $56k-110k a year

  • Landscaper-$53k a year

  • Exterminator- $37k a year

  • Power Plant operators- $81k a year