Girls Flag Football Team

By Alejandra Anias, Online-Editor-in-Chief

The girls flag football team seems to have had a good year despite the Covid-19 situation that we have all faced so far. Coach Kerby said, “After winning the Greater Miami Athletic Conference (GMAC) Championship game on April 16th, 2021, against Jackson Senior High, our record is 9-1.” He added that the first game of the season was on Friday, March 5th against Goleman Senior High.

“Our first game was scheduled to be played on Tuesday, March 2nd, but due to the opposing team being under the quarantine, we had to reschedule that game to later time.” Coach Kerby revealed. “We’re still in season and currently getting ready for the district tournament during the week of April 19,” which will be hosted at Curtis Park. Coach Junior said, “Hopefully if we make it to state and, that’s our intention to go to state and win it, the season will end May 8.”

Playoffs of the tournaments will be starting in the week of April 23 through April 26 of 2021, where the girls flag football team is the number one “seeded team” in our district. Coach Junior stated, “We haven’t got that great win yet, but the team has big goals and puts it at a high standard. Our greatest win will be when we win state, if we don’t every game is just another win.” He also said that in the team, everyone is very committed to the sport and the team itself, which is why they take a lost game very personally, “but we haven’t got that heart-broken loss this season yet, the last time we had our heart broken was 2019 when we lost in state.”

It’s great to know that we can go out there and play this sport that is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the state of Florida.”

— Coach Junior

Coach Junior added that “It’s great to know that we can go out there and play this sport that is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the state of Florida. We didn’t have any serious injuries and Covid hasn’t affected us. We’re out there having fun working hard and winning.” He added that no player is above any other, and even though there are some that have had more participation and faster or better development in the sport, it was teamwork and effort which got the team thus far.

Coach Junior stated that “for next season we’re looking forward on being the defending state champion. It has been hard this year due to the Covid pandemic, but in the future when things get back to normal, the support of the students coming out and cheering us on the games, they will know about the very special young ladies and fellow students that will perform at a high level to make them proud and let that STING PRIDE shine out.”