BETA: The Knights of Miami High


Collage by: Jose Rodriguez. To the right is Gabriela (2020-2021 BETA President), Jose Caballero Corresponding Secretary: Bottom right is BETA Advisor Dr. Hueck.

By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Black and gold is what they bleed. BETA’s members are ambitious, but they encourage others BETA forms leaders for tomorrow and helps students develop new skills that can impact them later on in their life. BETA is a home that spreads excitement and joy to all BETA knights.

BETA’S Golden Person.

Dr. Hueck, Miami High’s Chemistry Honors and Advanced Placement teacher, sponsors the BETA Honor Society Club. According to a profile written by Miami High senior Miguel Reyes, Dr. Hueck believes that he will continue being BETA’s sponsor as long as he’s a teacher at Miami Senior High. He said, “I enjoy it and I love teaching, of course, and BETA gives me the spirit of the school which keeps me happy.”

Dr. Hueck’s main goal for BETA is to get kids to be more involved in school activities, become leaders, and not just for them to do good in school. He said, “I believe that students need to be more than just academics so that they become well-rounded individuals. It’s not everything about grades, but kids should also have fun and have spirit for the school.”

What is BETA?

    BETA is an honors club at Miami High, which students join to become involved. Students decide to join BETA because of its reputation, Megan Mendoza a sophomore, said, “My plans for next year once I’m a Junior is to join BETA. It is spoken highly about, and it helps students become involved with school activities.”

The club is a big family who accepts people for who they are, allows them to grow, and improve themselves as an individual. Those who go in as introverts won’t fear socializing with others as in BETA there’s a spot for everyone; no one is left behind nor shadowed.

What BETA Does

Students that are members of the club have a role to be an active participant. Sophomore Kimberly Escobar, member of BETA, says that she attends all meetings and is attentive to all club activities. “On Friday May 14th, we had officer elections, and as an active member I made sure to cast my vote. My vote will determine who gets to represent BETA’s members.”

Sophomore Iris Carvajal, said that “My friends convinced me to join BETA, and it was the best choice I made because I actively work towards getting my community service hours in order to graduate.”

Junior Ashley Zuniga adds that during the beginning of the year, she made sure to attend all Socials. She said, “Socials are my favorite. As a member I made sure to join all club socials as it not only allows me to meet others but also make use of my free time.”

Benefits of Being a BETA Knight

    Sophomore Evelyn Perez hopes to joining BETA and enjoy some of the benefits of being a member.  She said, My friends inform me on how they benefit from the community service opportunities they are given, and the scholarship opportunities from paying a $15 National BETA fee. The fee is a one-time payment, and it is a door full of scholarship opportunities made for BETA members to grasp at. This will assist the chances of me getting a grant or an acceptance letter.”

Sophomore Tiffany Fernandez, a current member, says that within 5 months, she was able to accumulate more than “100+ community service hours.” She also shares her experience that being a Knight has allowed for social interactions to become easier.  She said, “I’d always fidget sitting next to people I didn’t know, even worse, speaking to them. But over the time of joining meetings and socials, it has become less intimidating as everyone is friendly and open-minded.”

BETA Officers

BETA officers are what form BETA. Their duties and dedication form a better home for every member. Gabriela Gonzales was BETA president for the 2020-2021 school year.  Her duties involved running club meetings, monitoring club goals, delegating tasks and maintain regular communication with members and informing them what will take place.

Lucia Soto was elected BETA Historian for the 2021-2022 school year. She will be working with three other BETA historians to create banners for the school to represent the club, as well as door banners for competitions and just anything that involves a set of creative work.  Her goal as historian is to “help out with homecoming, spreading BETA vibes, and help create a better home full of different creative activities for all members to enjoy.”

Looking at BETA From the Outside

Those students who don’t partake in BETA’s meetings, socials, and services, have their own opinions of the club. To Aaliyah Lopez, BETA seems “light-hearted, fun, and great with developing student’s leadership skills.” She believes that the club only desires to look its best and demonstrate to others that “they’re versatile and have no closed thoughts of the people requesting to join.”

Additionally, to senior Luz Salgado and sophomore Ashley Wagner, “BETA has an approachable nature.” To them, BETA is a “Very proud and passionate club that goes all-out during homecoming week to convey their determined and social nature.”

On the other hand, those who are part of the “Big Four” see things differently. Senior Annette Chu, Interact Vice President says, “As a non-BETA member, I think the club is just a normal club. People join clubs that they are interested in and that they feel at home at. Just because someone joins BETA, it doesn’t mean that they are more or less of an individual/student; it’s just the club they best socialize with.”

Melanie Perez, a member of the Honoria Club, said, “Despite the competitiveness, we are all one big family. BETA is one of the best clubs at Miami High. It is the home of many people and the happiness of others. Many people have fought hard to meet the requirements and join BETA because they know they won’t regret it! And as part of Honoria, we wish the BETA the best in the world. Blessing to all clubs!”

BETA’s New Officers for 2021-2022

President – Leanna Monem (Moe)

1st Vice Presidents – Isabella Rivera, Gabriel Ferrer

2nd Vice Presidents – Mario Zeron, Joseluis Garcia

Corresponding Secretaries – Thalia Benoit, Daniela Flores, Jose Caballero, Micheal Albert, Alexandra Martinez, Roberto Ramirez, Ralph Garcia

Recording Secretary – Sophia Marticorena

Treasurers – Lauren Valdes, Britney Murillo, Devanie Perez

Historians – Lucia Soto, Daphne Cerato, Emerita Flores, Brenda Davila

Sergeant at Arms – Ashley Peña

Mascot – Roberto Capetillo