Derek Chauvin Goes to Jail for George Floyd’s Murder

By Dan Mayorga, Staff Writer

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd went to his local food market in Minneapolis. A cashier from the store called the police on him because they believed he handed them a fake 20-dollar bill. Police arrived shortly after and arrested George on the spot. They took him out of his vehicle and attempted to put him into the squad car, but for some vague reason, they removed him from the squad car. 

  That’s when 4 police officers pinned Floyd to the ground, with former officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck for about 9 and a half minutes, ultimately costing Floyd his life. This incident was caught on videotape.  This event kicked off peaceful protests as well as violent riots across the country and overseas.  

   On April 20, 2021, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. 

    Most Miami High students agree that Derek Chauvin got a fair trial. Freshman Yolymiler Diaz said, “He went against his code as an officer; he’s supposed to protect and serve.” Senior Rachel Rojas added, “He killed someone and would’ve been on trial, regardless if video was taken or not.” 

   Many believe Chauvin’s actions were not justified. Sophomore Michael Rodriguez stated, “With 4 cops on George Floyd, there was no way for him to resist.” Freshman Victoria Caramayo went on to say, “Even if George Floyd was resisting, [Chauvin] had no right to kneel on his neck.” 

   It is popular opinion that Derek Chauvin should get a lengthy sentence for his crimes. Yolymiler said, “He should get the standard sentence for murder, 25 years to life.”  

   However, there are some students who believe he shouldn’t be punished for so long. Freshman Silvio Pera said, “He should get 15 years because he could’ve killed Floyd by accident.” 

    Most people recognize that this case has heavily affected the world in many ways. Rachel Rojas remarked, “It inspired protest and awareness around police brutality.” Victoria Caramayo stated, “People have begun to see cops differently, especially black people, who live in fear of the police.” 

    There are many things we as people can take away from this tragedy. Silvio Pera says, “Cops should protect and serve, not abuse their power.”  

   Rachel Rojas further added, “This shouldn’t have happened in the first place, police should be more careful, and just because [Chauvin] was convicted does not mean the problem of police brutality is solved.”