Advice to Baby Stings from the Class of 2022


Of these top seniors advice was provided by Marco Perez-Vazquez, Samantha Yera, Alberto Figueroa, and Lisbet Sanchez

By Paola Arriaza, Staff Writer

Freshman year can be a scary time in a Stingaree’s life. Luckily top seniors of the class 2022 were willing to share some advice on their experiences, to help MHS baby stings.

AP Classes

When asked what she would change if she could go back in time, senior Lisbet Sanchez, Catalyst Cornell Program Alumna, claimed that she would step out of her comfort zone and take more AP classes. All the seniors interviewed unanimously agreed that taking AP classes is important. In fact, senior Alberto Figueroa, who has taken over 13 AP classes, said, “You should sign up for AP classes if you actually want to learn. There’s more resources for success in an AP class than in an honors class.”

At Miami High there are plenty of opportunities to take an AP class, seeing as we offer over 20 different Advanced Placement classes. Senior Lauren Valdes, who took AP Biology freshman year, explained that while it can be scary to take AP classes, you should never feel intimidated.

Study Habits

Creating and maintaining good study habits is vital for a successful school year. Samantha Yera, Dartmouth Book Award Recipient, said “You should start developing your study habits freshman year and really figure out what works best for you.”

Carlos Salcerio, recipient of the Harvard Book Award, explained that his strategy for studying is to get the hard classes out of the way first. He added that, he loves to listen to music while he works; “Tupac is my favorite to listen to; he gets me energized.”

Relationship with Teachers

Creating good relationships with your teachers is important. Marco Perez-Vazquez, Debate President, elucidated that the key to building a good standing relationship with your teachers is to simply talk to them. “For example,” said Marco, “if you love to read, talk to your English teacher about your favorite book.” This is a great way for freshman to get ahead of the game and start connecting with teachers, who in the future, can help them.


Language should never be a barrier to a student’s success. In fact, many of Miami High’s brightest students started without knowing much English. Senior Damian Torres moved to Miami in 2017. He stated that his proudest achievement from the first year was learning English. Damian has gone on to take over 10 AP classes and passed them all with excellence.

Another fitting example is Gabriel Ferrer, who was an ESOL student until the end of his freshman year and is now in the top 5% of his graduating class. Gabriel explained that his English classes were always a struggle, but thanks to teachers like Dr.Denight, he was able to improve his writing. Gabriel has gone on to take impressive classes such as AP biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and AP Seminar.

Damian and Gabriel can act as an example to all Miami High students that you should never let language define you or your limits.

Words of Encouragement

When asked to give their biggest takeaways about high school, the seniors of Miami High had much to say. Cheer Co-Captain Jose Caballero said, “Never give up; keep going.”  Rodrigo Noguera, president of Mu Alpha Theta, said, “In the words of all the seniors before me ‘It goes by fast,’ so enjoy every moment.”

Gabriel Ferrer, said that he wants the freshmen to know that “Ivy leagues are not just for rich people.” He went on to explain that “with hard work and determination you can definitely make it.” He hopes to be an example to all freshmen, just as David Andrade (class of 2019 and current student at Harvard University) was to him.

Top seniors Lisbet Sanchez and Samantha Yera working on their college applications

TIPs for Freshmen

1.Take AP classes. 


3.Make connections with teachers.

4.Join clubs. 

5.Believe in yourself.