Uniting Cultures With Culture Circle


Mr. Fertil and club officers of Culture Circle.

By Natalie Morales, Staff Writer

   Like many other clubs, Culture Circle offers many activities for its members as well as community service hours for those looking to complete graduation requirements. But what really makes Culture Circle Stand out is what it stands for.  

 What is Culture Circle 

   Learn, appreciate, and respect each other’s culture and having fun while doing it is the main goal of  Culture Circle, said French teacher Mr. Fertil. Miami High is very diverse culture wise. “Some kids don’t even know much about their culture,” adds Mr. Fertil.  

   Culture Circle was created just last year by Mr. Fertil, making it a fairly new club. Along with its club officers, the club’s future looks promising, with a growing number of members since last year, and the many activity ideas the club has.  

   For students interested in the many cultures of Miami High, Culture Circle is the club to join to meet those who share your same culture, to recognize and appreciate cultures different than yours, and to be part of an almost family-like club where everyone’s culture has the chance to be acknowledged and celebrated.  

   “In Miami, it’s mostly Hispanic culture,” said the club’s sergeant at arms Moises Reyes. “In this club I can learn more about cultures in Europe and Asia.”  

 Fun with Culture Circle  

   “We can anticipate cultural activities for each culture,” said Mr. Fertil. One idea that the club has is dedicating one month for one culture. For example, one month might be dedicated to celebrating Cuban culture and another month might be dedicated to Honduran culture.  

   Another activity idea is having a show and tell. Members may bring something that represents them and their culture. Club vice president Daileen Quintana said, “We have ideas for field trips such as going to French restaurants.” 

   One of their more relaxing activities is watching French movies; another is eating and sharing cultural food and snacks with friends and other members.  

 Why Culture Circle  

   Members are excited about the club. “I wanted to join more clubs this year, and this club sounded fun,” said club member Arelys Violeta. “Mr. Fertil talked about it all the time. He had enthusiasm for the club and made it sound exciting.”  

   Club member Jose Sanchez said, “Though I favor the parties more, learning about the many other cultures would be nice.” Many members also express that it’s an overall friendly environment. 


Activities Culture Circle Offers:

-Culture Month for every culture

-Culture Dress Up Day

-Movies and Food Day