What Is The Life of a Senior Like?


Amanda Nunez in the Beta room, holding one of Dr. Hueck’s famous snakes.

By Kyara Bermudez, Staff Writer

Kind, considerate, and enthusiastic are some of the many descriptions Amanda Nunez is known for, not to mention how she is lending a helping hand to first-year students through HIP.

When seniors are asked what their plans are for the future, a lot of them give a wide array of career paths while others do not have the slightest idea. Senior Amanda Nunez wants to pursue a career in human biology. Summer after junior year, Amanda recalls her mother saying, “I won’t be here forever, but I would love to see one of my children as a doctor.” This led to Amanda choosing biology because of her love for science, her mother, herself, and a secure future for her family in the future.

Though her future may be in science, Amanda has always had a love for writing and was part of The Miami High Times for two years. She has written fictional stories such as “When There’s Hail,” and “Unexpectedly Perfect,” and non-fictional articles for Times such as “Don’t let your struggle become your identity,” and “Toxicity isn’t love.”

She has always enjoyed reading different genres, and English was always considered an easy subject for her, so she figured that if she were good at both, then she would do an amazing job at writing. Amanda said that from time to time she gets these random thoughts and gets inspiration from her emotions.

Looking back on her schooling during the Covid period, Amanda says that she could not truly concentrate on anything because both her sisters and cousins were with her most of the time. Amanda did not choose to be online; she had no choice in the matter because her mother preferred her and her siblings at home. She said that one helpful technique for reaching her educational goals was isolating herself so that she could finish assignments and study.

Amanda Nunez had said that during an emotional period, Korean pop group BTS was there to comfort her, and she explained how she came to become a BTS Army fan. In 2016, the first song she listened to was called ‘Save Me.’ One of the main reasons Amanda decided to continue supporting BTS was because of how personal their music felt to her. She could let herself relax while listening to their songs. Her preferred song out of the hundred BTS has published was ‘Epiphany’ by Seok Jin because his lyrics were similar to her emotions and his voice made her feel calm and content.


More about Amanda Nunez

– Age: 17

– Born in June 28, 2004

– Enjoys watching K-dramas

– She has a dog named Bella

– She’s sympathetic