Did you know this about Ms. Guerra?


English teacher Ms. Guerra, who is currently teaching the 9th and 10th grade classes.

By Kyara Bermudez , Staff Writer

Kind, enthusiastic, and known as an amazing English teacher, have you heard of Ms. Guerra? Not only is she a considerate person, but just like we all hope to do, she graduated from Miami Senior High.

MHS Alumna

Ms. Guerra mentioned how a few things have changed since she graduated from Miami High. For example, students weren’t allowed to use phones throughout the day-whether it was in the halls or in class. Uniform policies were strict, and lessons were paper based, which made it difficult to use the internet to look up information.

Miami High provided her with great teachers such as Ms. Cardona, Ms. Puentes, and Ms. Ransom, who loved passing on their knowledge and encouraging their students. She dreamed of making a difference like her teachers, and is inspired by these words: “Teachers don’t make money; they make a difference.” Ms. Guerra said she would want her children to attend Miami High because she fully believes in the public school system.

Her 2 favorite MHS memories were graduating, and a few years later coming back to teach at MHS. Ms. Guerra said that she didn’t have any specific memories from high school, but she had a good experience.

Experience as an English Teacher

Since the third grade she knew what she wanted to do with her future. At the beginning, she hadn’t thought about being a teacher, but still had a love for English. She stated, “Sometimes we fall into things that are different than what we plan.”

One big challenge to being an English teacher is the discipline, for example students acting out. However, her favorite part is helping students learn and adapt.

Life as a New Mother

Ms. Guerra became a mother for the first time when her son Dominic was born on June 25, 2021. Ms. Guerra said that the best things about being a mother are seeing him grow, develop, and experience new things; the baby cuddles and snuggles; and organizing Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all kinds of holidays.

Ms. Guerra had wanted kids for a while and when she got pregnant, she did some research on false positives and wanted to verify her pregnancy before getting her hopes up. She was happy to find out she was 3 months into her pregnancy. She had thought that it would be a struggle after giving birth, but it has been a happy stage. She said that you and your partner are a team and equal, both doing the best you can.

Because Dominic was born during the summer, Ms. Guerra did not have to worry about fitting him into her school schedule. She mentioned how her summer schedule would adjust itself depending on Dominic’s mood. Dominic was able to sleep with white noise because he’d be soothed by the silence. From June to July, Dominic had only eaten, slept, and pooped because he was still a newborn. He’d later wake up every 1 to 2 hours and then repeat the same routine. Now, at 6 months, he is a lot more active.

Outside Activities

Since she gave birth, Ms. Guerra has a curfew but still gets chances to go out to such places as Disney, museums, etc. She said that her baby runs her life, but she prefers and enjoys it that way. Ms. Guerra enjoys doing things as a family, such as going for walks and shopping. However, trying to take Dominic out during COVID is difficult especially since he is still young.

Outside of school, Ms. Guerra enjoys baking and making her baby’s food. As a hobby, she began watching a show called “Bachelor” and  “Bachelorette.” In the future, Ms. Guerra would one day want to learn how to crochet because she’d want to make things for her child with her own two hands and feel accomplished at the end for making something.


Fun facts about Ms. Guerra:

– Favorite animal: Okapi

– Birthday: April 14th.

– Zodiac sign: Aries

– Taught English: 5 years