The Chronicles of Kimberly Calderon


Kimberly Calderon, responsible, hard-working, and determined student at Miami Senior High.

By Ailanis Rodriguez, Staff Writer

  Junior Kimberly Calderon is one of the most hardworking, funny, responsible, and dedicated students at Miami High. 

From Honduras to Miami High 

     Kimberly spent elementary and middle school in Honduras, her home country. She thinks the main difference between high school in United States and schools in Honduras is the diversity. “The different nationalities around Miami High surprised me when I got here,” she said.  

   Going from middle school to high school is a big change.  Kimberly said, “I changed a lot when I got here. Before getting into high school, I used to think that being nice to everyone was the right thing, but now I’ve realized that saying no is not wrong.”  

   Having people supporting you through this big change is also important.  She remembers how someone special in her life told her, “Your future matters, your feelings matter, and your opinion matters but always remember to show respect to others.”   

Getting involved 

   Going to a new school is a new experience that could be different for everyone. Kimberly feels like high school has been hard. She describes high school as “living a new life” which she finds stressing. Getting involved in school activities was not on Kimberly’s plan but she ended up joining the soccer team last year as a sophomore. She thinks being on the team is an opportunity to show everyone her abilities on the field and to have fun.  

Interests and influences 

   Kimberly’s main interest right now is passing her exams. She is focused on graduating with a good GPA. She is also active outside of school. “I like watching horror movies and playing with my friends at the park,” she said. Even though Kimberly is an active person who plays sports, she thinks that no one would ever imagine that she knows how to play baseball.  

   Advice from people in our lives play a big role in the decisions we make. “I think I’ll always need my aunt to advise me. She has always given me great advice such as to never give up and she keeps me on the right track.” 

Plans for the future 

   We all see ourselves doing different things in the future. Kimberly says, “I see myself working a lot to get my things done.” She sees herself going to college and wants to be more independent. 

   Being successful is her goal in life. “I see myself being successful in the future because I have the correct attitude and I’m hard working,” she said.