Influence of Music

By Joshua Espinoza, Staff Writer

Harry Styles holding a bisexual flag during one of his concerts.

Music can be a form of self-expression, healing, escaping, or simply entertainment. Everyone has their own preference when it comes down to rhythm, genre, and even how music makes them feel. Music is more than just lyrics; it is an outlet, and it is very important to so many.

The Meaning of Music

Music means multiple things depending on the person and their experiences. Senior Kristine Upegui believes that music is a way to express the way you are feeling. “I listen to sad music when I am sad because oddly, it gives me comfort,” she said.

Senior Tatiana Jimenez shares that music allows you to express yourself when it is too difficult to put your own thoughts or feeling into words. She often listens to music that relates to the events in her personal life.

Toby Serran-Pagan said that music means a lot to him because it shapes who he is. “I think what someone listens to most of time has so much to do with who they are,” he said.

The Impact of Music  

Music has the power to change someone’s life. Many artists inspire their fans to be true to themselves because no one should have to hide who they really are from anyone.

For instance, senior AV states, “Artists like Harry Styles have changed my life. Harry advocates for self-expression and has made me comfortable with myself and in coming out as bisexual.”

Sophy Pardo also voiced “Music always impacts how I feel. Whenever I’m in any type of situation I listen to music, and it allows me to relax. Other times like when I’m sad I play a sad song to exaggerate those feelings, so music definitely impacts me all of the time.”

Astryd Machado commented that J Cole is a genius and speaks to her soul. She has been a fan of his music since she was 11 years old, and it reminds her of how tough she is.

Music can promote a lot of feelings and essential life lessons to people. Artists play a huge role in how their lyrics get across and impact others. For example, artists like Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus always make sure to say that their music and concerts are a safe place for people of any sexual orientation or gender identity. These types of artists help fans feel comfortable in their own skin and that is a great impact that will stick with them forever.

Life as a Song  

Melanie Rodriguez shares that if her life was a song, it would be “Take Care” by Rihanna and Drake. “I always look out and try to take care of my friends and family because that is how I was taught to show people that they mean a lot to me,” she expressed.

If Emilsen Bonilla’s life was a song, it would be “I’ll be there” by Jackson Five. “It is about being there when others need you,” she said.

Astryd Machado claimed that if her life was a song, it would be “Can’t C Me” by Tupac. “In the song Tupac talks about he will disappear right before your eyes, and in my life, I want to leave an impact on people and then disappear,” she said.

Tatiana Jimenez’s life as a song would have to be “She Will be Loved” by Maroon Five. “People and friendships are temporary, but I feel like no matter where I go in life, I will find love from the people I surround myself with,” she revealed.

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