Preparing For The SAT and ACT


By Ailanis Rodriguez, Staff Writer

   Most juniors and seniors have already taken the SAT and ACT. Younger students are used to hearing about these exams; however, not everyone knows how these tests work.  

  The topics that students need to know about are often a problem. “The SAT covers mostly Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 with some geometry. A lot of it is actually Algebra 1, but kids have forgotten so much by the time they are seniors,” said math teacher Ms. Munguia.  

   Preparation for these types of exams is very important. It is also important to listen to advice from people who have already taken them. Senior Geiner Escobar says, “To someone taking the SAT or ACT for the first time, I would recommend preparing well and to not be nervous. Preparation is key.”  

   Some people say that effort and preparation are key while testing. English teacher Ms. Caldevilla said, “Be true to yourself, try, don’t be afraid of the language, and ask questions every time you need to.” Ms. Munguia says, “You cannot go in there and get the best score without studying somewhat. Do some practice tests before. Become familiar with the test before you take it.” CAP advisor Ms. Puentes recommends early practice for under classmen and daily practice for upper classmen.  

   One of the main challenges of these tests is the time, so it is recommended to start practicing your time as soon as possible. “Don’t procrastinate studying for the test, and use your time wisely,” said junior Andy Benavides. Senior Joseph Amador, who is attending Miami Dade College next year, thinks that these tests are focused on testing your ability to take tests quickly and not your knowledge so you should use test taking strategies. Junior Mayra Beltran thinks that measuring your time while taking practice tests really helps. 

   There are many ways to tackle these tests. Ms. Caldevilla thinks Khan Academy is the best way to study for them, due to the videos and practice tests that the app provides. 

   Ms. Munguia recommends, “Do as many of the official practice exams as you can. The SAT offers ten of them.”  

   But there are more ways to study and different methods to apply. Junior Mayra Beltran found some interesting advice videos on TikTok for students taking the SAT and ACT. These videos are from people who have already taken these exams and want to share their experience and opinion with other people.   

   Senior Geiner Escobar, who is planning on attending Miami Dade College, thinks that the perfect method to study for these exams is using a mix of Khan Academy, USA Test Prep, YouTube videos on SAT and ACT practice, and practice books. “It’s not hard to study for these tests if you know what apps and methods to use,” he said.