The MIAHI Experience!


Miahi Staff (Joshua Espinoza, Emilsen Bonilla, Alondra Vega, Keedy Tique)

By Keedy Tique , Staff Writer

This year MIAHI had a great comeback. The past two school years were interrupted because of Covid and yearbook staff had to work with what they had. This year, MIAHI had a total of 18 members, most of the staff being seniors and juniors.

The year kicked off with the editors and staff sketching ideas for the theme. After various classes of brainstorming and drawing, a theme of New Connections which involves astrological features, was finally chosen with the help of Herff Jones.

The next task was to gather photographs and edit them to perfection.  Some of the main photographers were Emanuel Gracias, Adam Ballard, and Cristobal Serran-Pagan. They attended most school activities to take pictures. Ms. Diaz, the advisor, taught students how to use PhotoShop on Adobe.

Everyone in the staff had a specific section assigned. For example, senior Joshua Espinoza, was assigned the boys’ volleyball page.

One of the biggest challenges this year was the editors not being in the same class period as the rest of the staff. There were extra efforts being made to be able to come together in one place and discuss the yearbook.

At the beginning of the year, yearbooks were at the low price of $55 and started increasing as the months went by. As of now, yearbooks are $75. The yearbook was promoted across social media platforms such as Instagram. Funny posts were made and reposted by MIAHI staff which many students saw and led them to buying the yearbook.

281 yearbooks were sold this year which is the highest number in a few years, said Ms. Diaz. The past 6 yearbooks have been through a lot of change. When Ms. Diaz first started teaching at Miami High, she noticed there was a lot missing from the books. She made sure to add academic honors photos and all the subject areas.

Ms. Diaz would like to recognize the top editors Adam Ballard and Ashley Ferrera for all the time and dedication they put into the yearbook! They worked hard.