The Weeknd and His Fans


By Nathalie Chang, Online Editor-In-Chief

 The Weeknd, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer, is known for writing meaningful lyrics, producing breathtaking music videos, and having a heartwarming love for his fans.  

   The Weeknd grew up outside of Toronto in a multicultural neighborhood filled with fellow East Africans. According to the article titled “The Weeknd” by Vanity Fair, during the 2013 “AMA” (American Music Awards), the singer revealed that he despised his name “Abel Makkonen Tesfaye” and in his late teens wanted to use the moniker “The Weekend”.  However, a rock band existed with that name, so he removed the “e”.  

   After switching schools’ numerous times, The Weeknd eventually dropped out of high school when he was 17 years of age. In the article titled “The Weeknd” by Vanity Fair he cited the impact of Michael Jackson’s 1979 hit “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough,” describing it as the song that helped him find his voice. “It’s the reason I sing,” he commented. 

Inspired and Impacted 

    Students at Miami High and outside of the school have been influenced by The Weeknd and his music. “The Weeknd’s music impacts my life and mood instantly by giving me momentum and a sense of enjoyment,” said MHS volleyball player Petrona Callender. Inspiration is something that goes a long way and the Weeknd has that effect on teens. “He inspires me to feel the music instead of listening,” said my long-distance best friend from Ohio, Ashley Heidelberg.  

Start of liking The Weeknd  

   Years go by and the love for an artist still stays strong. Junior Anthony Taylor said, “2016 is when I started listening to the song “The Hills” and then I got obsessed with his music.”  You can start liking an artist for their music, but also for who they are. “I love The Weeknd for his style, who he is and his way of music,” said junior Salma Arana. 

Favorite Albums and Songs 

    Everyone has favorites whether it is food, clothes or people and these teens’ favorite thing is The Weeknd’s music. “’Blinding Lights’ is my favorite song overall from the Weeknd because I grew up listening to 80’s music a lot and ‘Blinding Lights’ really captures that 80’s feeling with the synth instruments,” said Miami Dade College student Leonardo Alvarado. “’Starboy’ is my favorite album because it has such a good vibe to it and there are so many upbeat songs that are so amazing,” said Ashley Heidelberg. 

Standing out  

   The Weeknd, among other artists, stands out in these people’s lives. “The Weeknd’s music, his style of writing, and all his music videos are just so amazing and unique,” said junior Edey Reyes.  

   “What I think stands out is how unique his music is, and his lyrics are so meaningful when it comes to romanticism or sadness,” said Leonardo Alvarado.  

   “I think he’s honestly a really good singer and does it like no one else,” said Ashley Heidelberg. 



5 things you didn’t know about The Weeknd 

  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius

  • His Net Worth in 2021 was $200 million

  • In 2010, he began to upload songs to YouTube.

  • His height is 5’ 8”