Miami High Faculty Game Makes an Impactful Return


By Anderson Cabrera and Nathalie Chang

   Miami High held its first faculty basketball game in the Asylum on Friday, October 14. The last faculty game happened when the seniors were just freshmen. The reason it did not happen was because of Covid and the quarantine restrictions.  

   The two teams going against each other were  Team Arscott vs Team Valdes. The players in Team Arscott consisted of Mr. Arscott, Mr. Brborich, Mr. Baumgarten, and Many more other teachers and staff, while Team Valdes  consisted of Mr. Govea, Mr. Bonilla, Dr. Flores, Ms. Garcia, and more.

   During the game all the students in the bleachers brought out their school spirit cheering for both teams. Miami Heat Mascot Burnie was invited and present during the game giving out merchandise to students randomly. All the tickets being sold for the event were part of a fundraiser, said event organizer girls basketball Coach Mr. “Boozer” Baumgarten. The event was successful, and the final score was 65-60. Team Arscott won the game.