Did You Know This About Yanise Guardia


Yanise Guardia is in the Fashion Design Class and says she loves it because she’s able to be herself and show her creativity

By Celine Blanco, Staff Writer

Yanise Guardia is a junior at Miami Senior High School. She is 16 years old, and a very responsible, hardworking and genuine student. She has quite a busy schedule, but she still manages to divide her time and attention to the things and people most important to her.  


Her School Life 

   She dedicates most of her time to studying for her honors and AP classes. Yanise manages to maintain her grades and participate in her other activities by staying after school. She says going to tutoring helps her a lot. She goes to tutoring for the classes she finds herself struggling with the most.  Regarding her extracurriculars, she goes to all her club meetings and gives a helping hand when needed. Yanise enjoys being an honor student and encourages other students to aim for the highest mountains and to never doubt themselves.  


Life away from school  

    Outside of school, Yanise enjoys sewing and making designs in her house.  She enjoys cooking new recipes she has found either on TikTok or ones her grandmother has talked about and has interested her. Her favorite thing to cook is pasta, because it’s “easy and fast.” She also loves going to Barnes and Noble with her significant other, picking up books she would read and going on coffee hangout dates.  


Managing Her Time  

    Yanise at times finds herself struggling with her mental health and studies, mostly because her studies overwhelm her because of the amount of pressure and responsibilities laid on her shoulders. When she finds herself stressed to the point that she can’t focus anymore, she expresses her emotions and feelings by drawing and painting.  


Her Career Goals 

   Yanise intends to go to FSU and major in architecture and/or criminology. She sees herself in 5 years building houses and aiming to become one of the best architects in Florida. She has lately been putting more interest in criminology and would like to see where that takes her if she doesn’t feel architecture is the best path for her. Once she achieves all her career goals, she envisions herself in her own home that she made herself, making more than six- figures per year, and living her best life with her cat Augustine.