The Relationship Between a Dog and its Owner


By Brooke Martinez, Staff Writer

   “A dog is a man’s best friend” is a phrase that has been used for many years to describe how close a pet’s relationship is with its owner. But how true is it? Are people still that close to their pets? 

Khaleesi and I 

   I met my dog, Khaleesi, almost 4 years ago. I got her as a present on Christmas in 2018; I have not been the same since. I love her to death, and I would do anything for her. I would describe Khaleesi as my soulmate. We have a bond like no one else, and I truly believe she loves me just as much. If Khaleesi could speak, I wholeheartedly believe she would sound like a trashy British woman.  

   The best part about owning my dog is the fact that I can always have her by my side when I need her. I also have two bunnies but my love for them could never be the same as it is with Khaleesi because the bunnies are mostly my sister’s pets. Words will never be able to accurately describe the amount of love I have for Khaleesi. 



Aliya and Morrissey 

   Sophomore Aliya Sakhrani has had her dog, Morrissey, or Mo, for 2 years. Their first interaction was when he was dropped off at her house by the veterinarian she got him from. She says he was scared at first because of the “new environment,” but Mo eventually warmed up to her and bonded with her. She describes him as her best friend and says he has changed her life in many ways, even though he doesn’t know it.  

   Aliya believes Mo loves her as much as she loves him, “which is a lot, I would do anything for him, and I feel like he would as well.” However, she says Mo’s bond with her mother is the strongest. “He loves my mom more than anyone and always wants to be by her side,” Aliya said. 

Nelissa and Stella 

   Sophomore Nelissa Herrera got Stella, her dog, in 2017, when her brother brought her home one day. Nelissa describes her bond with Stella as “unbreakable.” They bond by getting the same color nail polish and often spend all day together.  

    Nelissa believes Stella would sound like an angel if she could talk. “Stella is the kindest dog on Earth, she wouldn’t even hurt a bug,” she said. Nelissa loves dressing her up in dresses because it makes them both happy. 



Toki (top) with his girlfriend Chloe (bottom.)



Claudia and Toki

   Junior Class president Claudia Fonseca, and Toki, her dog, have been by each other’s side for 5 years. She says the best part of owning a pet is “knowing that when I come home, he’s going to be excited to see me.” He is the oldest pet she has, which is why she favors him.  

   “He is basically like my son,” she says. Still, she believes that Toki’s bond with her father is stronger than her bond with Toki. Claudia thinks Toki would sound like “an Italian mobster” if he was able to speak. 





Gabriela and Spencer 

   Junior Gabriela Tabata met her dog Spencer 4 years ago at the pet store she got him from. She describes Spencer as her best friend. “We might not get each other on super complex levels but he’s always there when I need him,” she says.  

   Her bond with Spencer is stronger than some of the bonds she has with her friends. She believes it’s because “dogs and animals in general don’t judge the way humans do; they really do love you.” In her eyes, “Spencer would sound like a frat boy, but he would be funny,” she said. Gabriela has many other pets but does not have any favorites. “I know everyone says that but they’re all annoying so they’re all equal,” she says. 

Izamara and Hershey 

   Izamara Salgado, a junior, has had her puppy, Hershey, for about 3 months. “He’s the reason why I want to come home,” she says. To her, he is like her baby. She describes their bond as unbreakable, like a mother and child. Izamara says Hershey would sound like a fighting toddler if he could speak because he’s always fighting with his brother, Zuko. 

Dr Yoham, Logan, and Obi 

   Dr. Yoham, a biology teacher at MHS, has owned two Italian Greyhounds for about a year and a half. He first met Logan and Obi when he picked them both up from Georgia. They have all developed a very strong bond, and he sees them as his own kids. Dr. Yoham believes his dogs would sound like “the two opossums in Ice Age. All they want to do is play and do crazy things just like the two opossums in the movie.”  

   Obi and Logan make him laugh a lot and show him lots of love, which is his favorite part of owning a pet. He describes them as “two crazy young boys who want to play.” Obi and Logan have very different personalities which is why Dr. Yoham does not have a favorite. “Their personalities are so different from each other that they each have a special place in my heart,” he says.    


The Cost of Owning a Pet 

   Owning a pet is not easy all the time; it comes with a lot of ups and downs. Nelissa says that the hardest part about owning Stella is when it is time for her to eat. “Stella sometimes doesn’t want to eat because of how scared she gets,” she says. For Claudia, it’s when Toki gets sick, she says it’s “always a scary feeling.”  

    Gabriela believes the hardest part for her, and Spencer is the cleaning. “If Spencer could go use the toilet, he would, but he doesn’t.” However, she also says “He didn’t ask to be taken home so cleaning up after him is just something I got to do.” 

   Personally, the hardest and scariest part about owning Khaleesi is the thought of having to lose her someday. It’s hard enough to leave her for vacation for a few days, so thinking about never being able to see her again one day is daunting. I would miss her too much and having to function without her by my side seems impossible.