Do you have any plans after High School?

By Angelyn Fernandez, Staff Writer


 Plans after High School 

   The twelve years of your life you spend going to school are about learning new things and preparing for the real world. Toward the last four years of school, you will start thinking about what you want to do after high school.  

     Sophomore Xochilt Castillo is planning to go to Miami Dade College. She said, “I have family here and want to be able to see them every day.” Similarly, sophomore Keyla Lopez wants to prepare myself for college. She is planning to go to UCLA.  

 Other students are not planning to go to college. For example, freshman Franly Ruiz want to work as a mechanic.  

   Working after High School 

Many students would like to work while in college. There are many opinions from different students. Many would like to work but some would like to focus on their studies. 

Sophomore Edwin Cruz wants “I want to get a job, study bartending, then help my brother with his business while doing bartending on the side.” He will continue with his studies while still working. Senior Jaiden Montoya is planning to get a job at T-Mobile, but he will only work there for the time he is in college. “They pay better $10.35 an hour than a lot of other jobs too,” he said. Freshman Bryan Portillo is planning to start his own clothing business because he needs the money for sports and training. However, freshman Diana Montoya is not planning to work after high school, because she would like to focus more on her studies.  

        Goals after High School 

Goals are achieved in different ways by different individuals. Goals can be joining a sport, making new friends, or even as simple as becoming organized. Sophomore Matthew Cortes is goal  to be successful in life. Junior Odalys Canales’ goal is going to college as soon she finishes high school. For sophomore Ivan Sanchez, it is to graduate college and be successful. Sophomore Keyla Lopez wants to be successful and have a healthy life. 

       Know what you want to study in college? 

There are many things you could study in college. Freshman Diana Montoya wants to go to Harvard Law School and become a lawyer. Senior Jaiden Montoya plans to study a variety of interests such as marine biology, botany, physics, and photography. “I have yet to settle on a major,” he said. Freshman Bryan Portillo wants to study heath science and automotive.