The Sparkling Anthonie See


This is Anthonie Performing at a basketball game.

By Anais Medel, Staff Writer

Anthonie See is an upperclassman in Color Guard and the only boy on the team. He feels that he is mostly in the spotlight because of that reason.  


Color Guard 

Anthonie enjoys being in Color Guard because he enjoys the adrenaline he gets before he performs; he also feels more confident and motivated. One of the team’s favorite shows was “Carmen de la Havana”. He enjoyed it because it was very well put together.  

   He says it may feel difficult to deal with school and Color Guard. At times he gets stressed and feels tired from practice.  But whenever he is performing, all negative feelings fade away from his body. For performances Color Guard practices after school 3:30 to 7:00pm or even later. 


Family Life 

    “Someone who I love the most has to be my family,” he said. Anthonie lives with his sister (19), brother (9), baby brother (1) and mother (36). He feels safe with his sister; he feels as if he can tell her ANYTHING and will not feel judged.  He says he loves her the most. His sister is a part of the army, so sometimes she must leave, but Anthonie says even when she is not in the same state, he always feels her love and her presence.  

    His mom is incredibly supportive of him. Sometimes she even brags about how proud she is of him to others. Anthonie’s dad does not live in the same state as him, but when summer comes around, Anthonie goes to California to visit him and his dads and mom’s sides of the family. He enjoys visiting his dad because his family is so open and welcoming to Anthonie. 

    “When I’m there most of the time they never want to let me go or want me to leave they spend every second they can with me,”  he said. His aunt from his mom’s side is who he loves seeing the mo

This is Anthonie See on the weekends :)

st in California. When he thinks about his happy moments, he instantly thinks of Cailfornia because it is so beautiful, the scenery, the food, the air, and how his whole family is there. 


Daily Life 

   Anthonie’s days consist of school and practice. Who he shares most time with is me. We spend as much time as we can in school and sometimes, we even see each other on the weekends. Something he does a lot is sleep because he is always tired. He says his mind goes blank, he just stops thinking, stops worrying and is at peace. On school nights he sleeps at 1 a.m. and wakes up at 6:40 a.m. He does not have to worry about being late because he is just a 5 minute walk from school. 

   He says his style can range. On school days he mostly wears comfortable things such as baggy pants and hoodies. On weekends he enjoys doing his makeup and wearing more going out clothes. 


Favorite Things 

   Anthonie has two adorable dogs named Hazel and Lily. He loves dogs because they are friendly and loving. He loves soft, slow, and calming music. He also likes artists such as Coldplay, Adele, and Rihanna. His favorite subject is language arts because you can have so many different variations from it and you can be creative with it. His favorite meal is soup because it is so savory. His favorite thing about Color Guard is dancing because it feels energizing and fun.

This is Anthonie See’s favorite song by Coldplay: