The Debate’s Goodbye… Till Next Year!


The Debate Team with medal’s because for competing in debate competition and because of mock trial competition

By Sofia Herrera, Staff Writters

After a long and stressful year, the debate team is able to say “thank you” to all their members, “welcome” to new members, and “goodbye” to their captain Melanie Ramos who’s leaving to go to FIU. 


The Debate Team, not the Debate Club 

  Many people confuse debate as a club. However, their members are ready to quickly correct anyone, because debate is a proud team. While they might not be a conventional sport, they still work as hard as other athletes.

Being a part of a sports team means being consistent. This is especially important because at the beginning of every year, the debate team starts with the captain and coach teaching everyone what the topic means, how to defend it and how to debate. Without these first few meetings, many would be confused/left behind.

They had their first tournament on October 29th which was virtual only. Then they got 2nd place with the help of the Alliance in the homecoming parade for creativity in their theme of Voldemort. 


The challenges of the year 

    Every team has challenges throughout the year. However, the challenges that debate had were unique. 

   This challenge was that all the debates that happened this year were online, with the exception of nationals. When asked why this was a challenge, coach Ms. Yanelle Perez said, “It was a problem because many members withdrew from tournaments because it didn’t feel the same.”

   But things are looking up because debate tournaments are quickly leaving Zoom and are starting to happen again face to face. Because of this, many more students are excited to join debate again. 


The years highlights

   Even though debate had their challenges, they were still able to gain many amazing memories.

   Ms. Perez said that one highlight of the year was being able to go to Dallas, Texas, for nationals with juniors Rocio Pelaez and Issabela Martinez. “We all had an amazing time, and it was great to see two hard working members do something they love,” she said.

   Members of debate said that they enjoyed just learning. Sophomore Mayson Mendoza said, “I enjoyed the late-night class I had with my team partner and being able to poke holes in others’ arguments.”

   A common theme with everyone was their time with learning and participation, but members also enjoyed things like the winter social they had with Law and Leadership Honor Society. 


New members 

     As the stories about debate spread through the school many new people are excited to join.These students are coming from all grade level and from all magnets. Since debate is a team and not an honor society the requirements to be part of debate are much more lenient only requiring GPA of 2.0 or above. 

Coach Perez said that she’s excited for two upcoming sophomores Samuel Momdragon and Emily Sanches, and for upcoming junior Sofia Herrera. 


Events to be excited about 

The tournaments that they always participate in areThe Urban Debate league and mock trial competition. 

  They have two parties, one near the beginning of the year, which is their winter social, and then they have their small award ceremony, which was on May 22nd this year. 

The winter social is used so the members can hang out with each other without the idea of competition, while the award ceremony is used to congratulate all of those who participated in events in the past year. 


  The new officers for the 2023-24 school year are:  

  • Issabela Martinez – Captain 
  • Rocio Pelaez – Co-captain 
  • Mayson Mendoza – Treasurer 
  • Mayara Castañeda – Secretary 
  • Angel Colon – Historian