Honoria has High Hopes for The 2023-24 School Year

By Xochilt Coca, Staff Writer

Honoria remains a Big Four club with an increasing number of members and more incoming next year. Honoria had quite the school year facing numerous bumps along the road. However, Honoria officers are determined to make the 23-24 school year unforgettable.

At the start of the 2022-23 school year, Honoria’s hardest obstacle was performing at the homecoming parade not having an advisor at the most crucial time of the year for clubs. With the help of many teachers and dedicated officers and members, they made their homecoming performance possible. Honoria Advisor Ms. Aragon, who was on maternity leave, reminds the officers, “despite what some may have believe, club advisors are there for support, not to take over the club. The point is to have everything entirely organized by students.”

However, because of the experience the members went through together, such as constructing the float, choreographing a routine and endless nights of painting prop, in the next school year it is in high hopes that officers and members will continue to be as dedicated and motivated to top last year’s performance.

After Homecoming, Honoria kept themselves busy with community service, fundraising and other traditional events such as Mr. Miami High and the Club Tournament. Hosting school wide events can be difficult, but Honoria learned how to overcome their differences and work together to make everything happen.

Mr. Miami High is an Honoria tradition, and this year was a big success. This event is a male beauty pageant where clubs choose a male officer or member to represent them. Honoria believes this to be a huge accomplishment because it was an event where many new friends and connections were made. There was a very successful turnout, and many clubs showed their support for their representatives. The new incoming officers greatly enjoy Honoria’s tradition of Mr. Miami High; however, they are looking for ways to improve and make it even more welcoming to all clubs.

The new officers of the 2023-24 school year are, Xochilt Coca as president, 1st vice president Jazmin Betancourt, 2nd vice president Aylin Villegas, Treasurer Annie Paulin, Salana Hill and Adriana Rodriguez as corresponding secretaries, Maynor Nunez and Isaiah Gutierrez as recording secretaries, Shawn M. Kiara Sanchez and Jimena as historians and Jean Forero as sergeant at arms.

As the year is wrapping up, Honoria had their annual club banquet on May 19, where they highlight the senior officers and members, and the new officers. The seniors received their graduation sashes and gave speeches to the underclassmen. It was an evening of reminiscing and enjoying one last night of the 2022-2023 school year.

The club is hoping to make the ‘23-‘24 school year memorable for all members and officers by introducing more competitive as well as club inclusive events that everyone can participate in. Honoria officers have already started planning socials and events for the upcoming school year!

Officers and members are most excited for homecoming season and the rivalry that fills the air during that time. “I can’t wait for homecoming because it’s the time for competition.” says Honoria President Xochilt Coca. Mr. Pimentel, Honoria advisor, agrees homecoming “is where we can prove ourselves as a strong Big Four club.”

They will continue to work hard during the summer painting banners for school and tags to welcome incoming members. Honoria officers will also host socials where the new officers can bond and form friendships for the new year.